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The Wealth Integration System for Entrepreneurs

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Do you ever wonder
how to bring it all together?

Do you ever wonder what other successful business owners are doing?

Have you ever wondered if there is a system specifically designed for successful entrepreneurs to capture their life’s work?

Successful business owners deal with three dilemmas over the course of their life – the Re-investment Dilemma™, the Legacy Dilemma™, and the Exit Dilemma™. Within each dilemma, there are a set of decisions a business owner must address as they ask themselves –

What is my best path forward?

The answer to the question depends on your vision, your desired life experience, and where you are today. However, for entrepreneurs, there is no pre-defined path to address these dilemmas holistically and without a conflict of interest. WISE™ provides you with a holistic system that brings clarity and perspective on the 6 components of entrepreneurial wealth and unifies them under your vision so that you can make strategic decisions and create a more intentional outcome for you and your family.

The seven components of WISE

Exit Strategy

Balance Sheet Strategy™

Liquidity + Cash Flow

Asset Protection Planning

Lifestyle + Legacy Strategy

Lifetime Tax Planning

Collaboration + Facilitation

Discover Your Unique Path

WISE™ workshops offer successful entrepreneurs an integrated system, space, and time to reframe their 3 major business owner dilemmas within the WISE™ framework. By attending a WISE™ workshop series, you will learn WISE’s proven framework encompassing all 6 components of entrepreneurial wealth. More importantly, you will learn how to apply the WISE™ system to your unique position and create a more intentional outcome.
You will form clear, intentional, personal, and entrepreneurial strategies that will put you in charge of your wealth and success. Collaboration and thought partnership with other successful entrepreneurs within these settings are key to WISE™ workshops. You will hear and learn from their stories, successes, and challenges.

Join the system built for entrepreneurs

Founded by Ali Nasser, a passionate entrepreneur and the best-selling author of The Business Owner’s Dilemma, WISE™ Global empowers successful entrepreneurs to make strategic decisions at the intersection of life and wealth using its proven system.

Applying the WISE™ system alongside a network of highly successful entrepreneurs who share similar experiences and goals, will guide you in assessing your success and wealth independently and will develop your unique vision for the journey beyond success.

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